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Project Description

Fryer Basketball Academy

Non-Profit Organization

The Fryer Basketball Academy approached BrandSparq with the challenge of connecting with the parents of Huntington Beach, CA online. The academy wanted to ensure they filled their summer camps & could repeat the same digital marketing program for their other camps.

Huntington Beach Non Profit Website Design

Use Facebook Ads & Google Adwords to connect parents with the camp.

We know that parents & grandparents are looking for local summer camps. Some are even looking for specific basketball camps to give their child the edge and training that they can use to really start to excel in the game. We will leverage the ability to target location, demographics & interests like “College Basketball”. Afterall, who wouldn’t want their child taught by the 3 point champion himself! Using Google Adwords & Video Facebook Ads, we will give the parents a taste of what their child will get by getting involved with the Fryer Basketball Academy.


Teach Huntington Beach the game of basketball through social.

We have the opportunity to capture people’s attention on a daily basis with social media. We can leverage the opportunity by creating a compelling story we tell over time, each day. Posting daily basketball inspiration and capturing the essence of Fryer Basketball. A mix of posts including tips, memories, recaps & inspiration will create a strong brand presence in the minds of the parents and athletes that follow us on social media.

Huntington Beach Non Profit Social Media Marketing

Make it easy for people to pass on the academy.

We will create a flyer that will be passed out at Concordia University, as well as throughout Huntington Beach & Costa Mesa to refer parents to the website where they can signup for the camp.

Huntington Beach Flyer Design

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