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Project Description

Reason to Fight

A Book Written for Inmates

Reason to fight brought the challenge to BrandSparq to raise awareness for a book, that can bring hope to everyone. We approached it by starting with narrowing the target audience from “everyone” to “the incarcerated women of today”. That was just the beginning of unlocking the potential for the book that wasn’t visible prior to our relationship.

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Celebrate the stories of inmates that have overcome adversity to show others it’s possible.

The Reason to Fight brand celebrates those that have been incarcerated and overcome the rough patch in their life that led them to time in jail or prison. They found a hope that is rooted deep within & we want to share that with everyone that hopes the same would happen for their family members. By leveraging Facebook Ads targeted to the areas where the incarceration rate is high, we can capture the hearts and minds of the people that need hope the most. We will run a campaign called “Where Does Hope Come From?” which is a powerful 30 second clip of the once incarcerated men & women describing the band-aid fixes that they thought would bring hope. Then at the end they will say in their own personality & flavor, “It surely doesn’t come from there.” (referring to all of the band-aid fixes that never did the trick. The screen fades to black and poses the question, “Where do the incarcerated find hope?” The viewer can click to learn more & go to official website.”


Create a resource for the incarcerated that is more than a band-aid.

There are many temporary solutions for inmates that help the for a few days, weeks & even months. What often happens is that they will end up back in jail or worse. What “Reason to Fight” does for inmates is allows them a chance to go on a search for truth that starts with the main character of the story, Bernice Johnson & ends with the reader & their own internal battles that have led them to where they currently are in life. With the end result, hope for the individual reading the book, empowering them to find their “Reason to Fight” for their own life.

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Make it easy for people to give true hope to their incarcerated loved ones.

We will create a business card that will be passed out at speaking events & throughout the communities where the incarceration rate is high and people are in need of hope for their loved ones caught in a life of crime, with seemingly no way out.

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