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Project Description

Black Market Meal Prep Website Design

Startup Meal Prep Company

Black Market Meal Prep approached BrandSparq with the challenge of connecting with people in the Orange County area that are looking to have a healthy solution to meal prep they can trust. We put together this meal prep website design to start off the relationship.

Huntington Beach Non Profit Website Design

Show that you authentically care about the health of people.

We undestand that 95% of people do not buy the first time they visit a website. Also, we understand that to win in the long term, Black Market Meal prep needs to prove that they truly care about the health of their current & future customers. We will leverage 1 minute Facebook ads that teach the end user how to meal prep on their own while meeting the founder. Then we lead them to the site, in exchange for their email we allow them to request an invite and download the healthy shopping list. The foods on this list are essentially our menu items.


Celebrate health & well being of others through social.

Instead of selling in every post, we will use social media to reinforce the fact that we care about the health of our customers. We do this by teaching & celebrating the health & well being of people in Orange County. Our goal on social is to be the best cheerleader in Orange County of health & wellness. We create & curate content on Facebook & Instagram daily. We are not the hero, our customers are and we are just guiding them to healthy eating.

Huntington Beach Non Profit Social Media Marketing

Make it easy for people in gyms to save time.

We will create a flyer that will be passed out at each & every local gym in Orange County. This flyer will build awareness & trust in the hearts & minds of our target customer as well as drive traffic to the website with a free start in exchange for e mail address, which enables us to stay in contact.

Huntington Beach Flyer Design

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